Taking Time

Every once in awhile (like every week) you need to take some time to yourself and just be.  And lately I’ve been doing just that and have been loving every moment of it.  I’ve been reading, cooking, sitting and meditating, taking pictures for pleasure, and often staring out the windows towards the North Shore mountains.

I’ve found recently that taking photos for pleasure and taking the time to really think about what I’m putting the lens in front of is helping me grow with my photography skills that I feel like I hardly ever put the camera down anymore.  I love the feeling of thinking and clicking instead of clicking then thinking…if you understand what I mean.

So combining taking time for myself through cooking and taking photos I sometimes really like what I come up with.  Adam has been working some late nights making sure his project is top notch so I am usually making dinners for one.  At first it was a challenge but now I really enjoy making stuff up and it doesn’t matter if it tastes bad cause I have no one to impress with it.

This is what I made a few days ago, and I have to say it was DELICIOUS!  It’s a plum, feta cheese, and raspberry wrap!

I have some things that I want to tell you all about in the coming weeks so stay tuned for some maternity, newborn, and children photography!

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