What is your life made up of?

Yesterday I curled up with some fresh fruit and put a set of headphones over my head to soak up a few talks on TED Talks. I’ve been following TED for awhile now and always feel inspired and encouraged whenever I have the chance to sit in on one. Back in December I had the pleasure of watching the TEDxAmsterdam Women and joining the after party with the speakers who had discussed Heros and Women. Speakers like Kelly Cutrone, Shannon Fitzgerald from MTV, and numerous other women from The Netherlands gave such moving and empowering talks that I was on a high for a couple of days!

So yesterday, with my pineapple and bright green apples, I loaded up on a few talks before settling in for the rest of the evening and came across two that I found powerful, moving, and also caused me to stop and think. They were exactly what I needed to hear and I knew I needed to share it with you as well.

So grab yourself some tea and settle in for a bit. You’ll be inspired and perhaps know which way to head!

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  • Tanja A.January 25, 2012 - 2:05 AM

    I could not agree more with both of these women…

    Being vulnerable resonates with other people: no one wants just the perfect fairy tale story, because sometimes that makes people even feel bad. Dreaming is so important and we need it, but being able to snap out of it and show the cold hard truth brings more richness to our lives as we learn to deal with it and step up. Too bad so many people lie to themselves because they are just not ready for it.

    As former physiotherapist, I just know 100 percent sure, that some of my patients their problems got solved because they lied down on the table, relaxed and poured there heart out. We learn to ignore ourselves from the moment we are born… There are more and more health practitioners who are even trying to work the other way around and trigger parts of our bodies to release emotions. I have heard many stories of patients starting to cry, just because of emotions set free by triggering a body part…. this is such an interesting field of medicine, yet unknown and unwanted by traditional medicine…

    Thank you for sharing these very inspirational video’s. These ladies have the most inspiring views.ReplyCancel