Preparing myself for a new life

The sun was shinning brightly through our creme sheer curtains, pleading with me to join it. I had a to-do list a mile long, a large box to pack, and prepare our last piece of furniture before someone came to purchase it. I didn’t have time to enjoy the sun. But I knew for my sanity, it was probably going to be the best thing for me. I grabbed my purse, slid into my brown flip flops, and slipped on my sunglasses and prepared myself to greet the sun. It felt glorious on my skin.

I had no destination in mind, I just enjoyed strolling through the now familiar cobblestone streets trying to put them all to memory before I left, not knowing when I’d return. My thoughts wandered from admiring the Dutch architecture to finding myself in a tangle of frustrated emotions about how come we had to leave something that we totally loved?! In the middle of me chastising myself over the fact that I closed my business in Holland I found myself in front of one of the first cafes I visited when we arrived. With a smile across my face, knowing that somehow my subconscious knew I needed to come full circle, I entered the cafe to order my regular latte and muffin.

With my foaming latte in my take-away cup the smile couldn’t be whipped off my face and my frustrated thoughts were now gone. I forced myself to look forward to the changes ahead and prepare myself for what life will be in Vancouver and that included a cardboard take-away cup filled with the best latte the city has to offer and enjoying the sun on my face.