Heading to NYC

As we sat among the dry grass watching exotic animals pass us by, we chatted easily about the places we had recently seen and also the places we wanted to go. While living in Europe travel was the thing we lived and breathed for, we would eat homemade soup just so that we could hop on the next plane to take us anywhere. Travel still is the thing we live and breathe for, but we no longer have to eat soup for the next plane ride, we just have to go longer stints between traveling and enjoy a different lifestyle.

Another item I wrote down on my bucket list, was travel to NYC. As with everything else on my list, I didn’t actually think it would ever come true. Many reasons being that I told myself I wasn’t worthy enough, good enough, lucky enough. I believed those lies to the very core of me, until recently. I’ve been crossing items off my bucket list with such vengeance that I’m afraid soon I’ll have to make another one with even bigger desires!

So today, as I pack my carry-on and make sure all my camera batteries are full, I am looking forward to finally seeing the city that never sleeps, having amazing culinary experiences that will make my heart burst, and falling even more in love.

Original photo source, unknown.