Thank you, New York

As we walked hand in hand around new york, skirting around pedestrians and taxis a like I felt a stirring in the pit of my stomach. When we stood atop the Empire State building and Alicia Key’s “New York” playing in the back of my head I enjoyed the quiet of the city below as my heart yearned for more of that crazy calmness. When we were tucked in between wool jackets with oxford leather shoes and sky high heels with tight pencil skirts in the dead of winter I knew I wanted to be stuck between them for as long as possible. New York claimed another part of my heart and stirred me from my sleep that I’ve been walking in of late.

You see, I’ve been dead – emotionally and mentally to my future. When we were in Africa I felt the key turn that bolted that door closed (it was one of the scariest moments of my life, feeling it lock and not knowing how I did it or how to undo it). I’ve allowed myself to continue living in a fog of wandering. Despite the wandering I’ve been filling my days with activities that make me happy, but deep down I knew, I wasn’t living to my potential.

So while we made our way through Times Square and I was so overwhelmed with all the noise and images splashing across the screens Mister handed me a food truck hot dog filled with all the trimmings and I felt it. The lock was unbolted. And then when we wandered around Central Park before taking our flight home, the door to my future was reopened and I once again found that my dreams were no longer dreams, but goals I wanted to accomplish.

New York reminded me that I’m not meant to live a life of wandering and emotionally dead to the world. I’m meant to be living a beautiful life filled with lovely experiences and memories that will forever mould me into the person I am meant to be. I knew New York was going to steal a piece of my heart, but I had no idea that it would jolt me awake again, and for that I am forever grateful!