Settling into London

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We settle very quickly into our rhythm of London. It isn’t the typical rhythm as there is no commute to contend with or the rush to and fro, but we love it nonetheless. We are experiencing London just the way we want to. We all slow down to a beautiful pace that we thrive in. Mornings are spent with all of us in our bed, after Isla has woken in her cot, and we slip her under the covers and let her play and roam around us while him and I slowly wake up. She takes her morning milk here and we stare at her looking at all her tiny features, always exclaiming how happy we are that she is ours.

We fall into our routine of taking a morning walk to our favourite café within Camden, where they quickly learn our order and always have it produced within minutes of our arrival. After our coffee, sometimes we head back home but most times we head out to explore another area of London. We typically head towards Marylebone as it’s a quick bus ride from Camden and an area of the city we love. There we wander in and out of stores stopping at my favourite The Little White Company and The White Company looking at all the wares that I feel embody who I am so easily…feminine, simple, and refined. We spend hours together like this before he leaves us to go back to our flat to work and I spend the afternoon with her as we wander up and down the streets of London.

Everything is just as I imagined it would be, but even better.