Travel plans for 2018

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One of my biggest motivators, values, interests whatever you want to call it is travel. Whether it is jet-setting across the Atlantic heading to Europe, the Pacific ocean headed to Australia, driving the mountains for our ski holiday, seeing wine country spread from my passenger seat in the Okanagan or California, riding a ferry to spend time unplugging and gazing at the stars to go camping, all of these get me excited.

Even though our trip to Australia is over a year old now would you be interested in hearing about it?
Perhaps even Iceland that happened only a few months ago?

I would love to share if you’re interested.

Travel plans for 2018

With the new year brings a slew of possible travel destinations and I’m eager we can check them all off.

  • Our annual ski holiday in Sun Peaks
  • Montreal to visit my best friend and her growing family.
  • Japan! Adam and I had a lovely time visiting Iceland last year on our own and want to do another trip just the two of us. While driving around Iceland we decided that Japan would be a fun holiday.
  • Camping on the island with no wifi, running water, electricity, or toilets. I absolutely love this place to be able to unplug and just enjoy nature.
  • A trip to Salt Spring Island. I haven’t been there in years and I would love to take our little family there.
  • Europe in the fall. We have a few destinations in mind but we can’t quite agree on where so we will keep on throwing out ideas until we land on one that feels just right.

Those are on my list, where would you like to go this year?


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