I am listening to calming piano music, again, as I do my best, most beautiful work when The Great Gatsby soundtrack is up so loud I feel like the orchestra is surrounding me. Music has always allowed me to delve into the world of art and beauty while creating a soundtrack for my life. For a while, “art and beauty” meant designing residential interiors to Calvin Harris and then creating women’s portraiture in Europe to Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi.

Being drawn to beauty means I see it when it is often overlooked. I see it in between the inky pages of novels, in black and white photographs, the layers of asparagus at the produce stand, the tiniest frames tucked beneath antique tables, or the way flowers curve towards the sun.

And each time I see something beautiful, I instantly create a captivating campaign to market it.

In my 10+ years of entrepreneurship, project management, administrative coordination and creative resources experience, I’ve worked with countless brands and businesses creating compelling marketing strategies that connect and inspire.

If you spot me working at a local cafe you’ll find me writing your newsletter campaigns, editing your content photos, putting together your InDesign files, or planning out your marketing strategy. Because In between seeing and creating beauty I’m passionate about helping other brands and businesses take their dream and support them it make it a reality.

So pass the champagne and popcorn, tell me your dreams and let’s create a marketing strategy together.

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