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I sat across cross-legged in a plush royal purple chair in Starbucks that my friend and I would drive 20 minutes to, even though there was at least three within five minutes from where we lived. This was our local Starbucks. As my Chai tea latte (soy no water) steamed in front of me I poured out my heart to her. This had become a ritual of ours, night after night we’d drive there blasting the latest Jessica Simpson song from our stereo system and then sit for hours in the typical plush chairs Starbucks provided and pour out our dreams and heart’s longing.

I told her I longed for more. I longed for travel, to eat organic and local, to work in an environment I loved, to wear fashionable clothing, to live debt free, to be creative and analytical, to have a deeper relationship with God, to be physically fit, and to own a business. At 23 years old I longed for so much, and felt like my desires were so much bigger and larger than I was.

A year later I finally made the decision to finally carve out a path that would lead me to fulfilling my desires, and ever since then I’ve been able to fulfill every single part of my ‘more’ and have never looked back.



By living my life intentionally I have overcome heartbreak, married my Mr. Darcy/Edward/Gilbert Blythe, accomplished a lifelong dream of moving to Europe,  built a business (twice – once in North America and again in Europe), closed that business, have jet setted around the world, moved back to our hometown of Vancouver, fullfilled many dreams, and have been filling my life with only the things that make me happy.

I know without a doubt that living my life intentionally has changed me for the better and it’s filled with dreams come true. Through my experices I’ve found that my true calling is a lifestyle and business curator and couldn’t imagine a better suited role for me. I’m passionate about people living their dreams and designing lives and businesses intentionally.

Lesley Stefanski is an lifestyle and business curator, which translates into helping other’s create a business and life that is tailored just for them! She photographs her life, blogs endlessly, deals wanting to spend her days in a good novel or a romantic comedy film but is determined to not let them over take her life. She believes in living a beautiful life and intentionally fills her days with activities that leave her feeling fulfilled.

I’d love to hear more about you so please use my contact page so that we can get to know each other more!