A woman infused with passion, story, and purpose

Once upon a time a handsome man came across my path and asked me "what do you truly want to do with your life" and that one simple question lead me on this grand adventure I now call life.

I pursued interior design, photography, and living abroad in Europe. I was introduced to life coaching and what a healthy and happy person looked like and dug even deeper into "woowoo" beliefs like how energy effects us and how our mindset can allow us to thrive, if we let it. I soaked up business books, Harvard University articles, and self development books like they were going out of style. I became a mother and quickly learned that I needed something for myself, always. I followed my dream of always writing a novel and confidently knew that my children would know their mother was courageous and curious, while I tucked myself in cafes and went on writing retreats to complete it. I continued following my curiosity and it's lead me to researching into consumerism and fast fashion, and how I want to live life slowly.

There was once a time when I thought there was something wrong with me because I never focused on one thing. Actually, some days I still do wonder. But I know without a doubt that I am who I am today because I stayed curious and followed the little nudges from the universe.

It's been over a decade now since he asked me that question, and along the way I've blogged and shared my thoughts with the world. You'll find snippets of every facet of my life through the archives of this website, and I welcome you to explore it. 

I'm happy to have you and hope you'll share your thoughts with me. 

And just in case you're wondering, that handsome man was curious enough to know what kind of life that I would lead, because he became my biggest supporter and champion who I get to call my husband!

Following my curiosity leads me on grand adventures…

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