about lesley



ut many will tell you that your life is good enough, why should you want more? And suddenly you find yourself shrinking from the world dealing with shame and the negative self talk of “I’ll never get what I want, because I don’t deserve it”. You’re suddenly overwhelmed with all the things you want to do and the dreams you have for your life yet everything is telling you it will never happen.

Life begins to feel exhausting, frustrating, and impossible.

Feeling disconnected from yourself and the world you begin to question “what’s the point of dreaming anyway” so you slip under the covers once more with a book to escape the dark feelings threatening to suffocate you. Please tell me I’m not the only one who escapes into novels hoping that it will bring some relief.

I was born to be a dreamer, and much more a supporter and inspirer to other women who desire to be fully connected to who they are, living authentic, feminine and energy filled lives. And although I’m a girl who used to be too self conscious to allow her true self to shine through, being told “your dreams will never happen, start being more realistic”, and believing she’ll never be good enough, period.

I took a step of faith and walked towards the unknown.

I started to listen to my own heart and intuition instead of the voices of others, and began to grow in wondrous ways that I didn’t even know existed. In a matter of months I attracted the man of my dreams into my life, and married him almost three years later. Before I knew it we were living my life long dream of living and traveling all over Europe! I grew a successful photography business and became the sought after boudoir photographer in the Netherlands. Eventually we had the talk of children and I started dreaming of a gorgeous condo overlooking the ocean. A year later we walked into our future home and felt like we had come home, and put in an offer. Later I birthed our babies within those four walls all while pursuing my values and living my life intentionally.

It was the scariest thing I have ever done but the best thing I ever did!

But what I realized was that more than anything is that I was destined to be a pillar of support, guidance and encouragement to other women who were lost in a sea of stress, anxiety, with immense guilt of not being good enough or doing enough. All tied together with the fear that the life they most desperately want to live won’t ever happen, because they aren’t one of the lucky ones.

What it means for you!

You feel like you’re finally ready to let your dreams become your reality, and you’re ready to do the work. Even if you haven’t figured out how to do it yet (despite all the PDF downloads, the self-development books, and webinars you’ve watched – yup, been there too!) I’m here to be the support you need.

There is a way to:

  • eliminate overwhelm and the lack of “me time”,
  • reduce the anxiety then have the energy to not only give your attention to your children, but also focus on yourself and your business,
  • get rid of the negative self talk and feel beautiful in your own skin as well as have a wardrobe full of clothes that allow you to dress up for yourself and add an extra sexiness for your husband,
  • stop filling your body with crappy food when you can have the fridge stocked full of healthy meals and nutritious foods that will fuel you, and
  • release the poverty mindset to begin to live a life full of richness and wealth.


You can feel abundant and surround yourself with beauty while living a life of marvel instead of a life in which you just “get by”.

And while all of this is important, none of it matters if I can’t help you move past the mental blocks of success. All the walls you place in front of your progress, or the negative talk that rings in your ear, and the demons that float around you after any failure, your dreams will continue to stay as dream. Your ability to turn your dreams into reality is believing you’re destined for and capable of success. And this? This is our greatest work of all!

My Mission is to support you as you break free from the overwhelm and anxiety filled life to confidently creating a life that is alined to your values and desires.