Love Notes

from previous clients

It is possible!

My greatest concern was that my dreams were too big and that Lesley wouldn't be able to help me put them into perspective so that they would one day be attainable. I was delightfully mistaken. I am a happier, more content, more determined person. I didn't think that the way I feel about my life, my dreams and my daily goals would ever be possible. But I now feel like nothing, no matter the size or ridiculousness, is ever fully and completely impossible. It is always possible to move towards the life that you desire to have.

- Erin Kathleen, Owner The Yellow Umbrella Co.


My life has just taken off! It has allowed me the opportunity to grow and shape my business and life into something I'm really proud of today. I gained a sense of comfort in the process of building a business and all the challenges that accompany it. I can't describe how positive my outlook is even when something doesn't "go right". The rebound period is so much shorter and it's so much easier to become motivated again. It's wonderful to know that there is a way to the other side of a limited belief.

- Jenna Richard, Photographer

Bring your vision to life

Lesley is a pleasure to work with - she is smart, thoughtful and eager to learn your brand!  When you work with her you can expect support and guidance, and very quick responses!

She helped us with multiple projects; some of which included creating graphics that fit our brand and designing a stunning e-book.  Lesley is someone who will work alongside you to bring your vision to life.

- Sarah Bohdanova, Owner VS Dance Club