I'm so glad you've decided to explore my acre of the internet! Please, come and sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. There is a lot to share between you and I, and I tend to share what is on my mind through pages and pages of words. But most importantly, I want you to feel free to share in the conversation. My love language is quality time, and I want you to feel like I am giving you all the time in the world, and that conversations will continue to flow for years to come.

I have been sharing my thoughts through my writing for over 10 years now and somehow, I still manage to feel like the conversation still needs to keep flowing.

The Blog

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Meet Lesley

Curiosity leads her on grand adventures

Nice to meet you

I can usually be found sitting in cafes or at home in bed writing my heart out! It’s my favourite pastime. I enjoy my time as a mother with my two young children, having long telephone conversations (I’m old school that way) with dear friends, having date nights with my husband or planning meals for my family – because I love having healthy & delicious meals at home!

In my free time you’ll likely find me tucked into bed with a good book till I can’t see straight, writing my novel in a quiet cafe, walking around quaint areas of my city talking with local shop owners, hanging out along the seawall of Vancouver with my family, on a weekend trip with a girlfriend (I give myself 3-4 of these a year), or researching recipes to cook at home.

And when I’m not doing those things I’m usually scrolling through Instagram and dreaming of our next travel adventure.

I love every person who comes and takes a moment out of their day to stop here. It means the world to me, thank you! I love it when you comment, become a fan, follow on Instagram or come up to me in a cafe to start a conversation.

I read every word you write and do my best to respond, have a delightful and beautiful day!

My Work

Writing sparks my joy

Writing has always been an outlet for me. From childhood diary entries to heart pouring journal entries in my teens and then playing with the idea, that one day I would really like to write a novel. I then discovered the world of blogging in my early twenties. I longed for those moments to be able to sit down and write what was on my heart.

When sticky ebony ink changed to the click clack of keyboard keys the thoughts became more mature and my words more eloquent. I have finished my first novel, my thoughts have been published on online magazines, and my heart still gets to be shared with the world.