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For the past three years Adam and I go to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree.  And every year I look forward to running around the farm, finding the perfect tree, and then running around some more to see if there is a better one.

This year was no different except that I had my face behind the lens of the camera most of the time trying to tell the story of us searching for our tree.

Need to find the perfect tree, so the search begins…..

And search some more…..

And continue to search….

How about I take a photo with a tree, this searching is tiring!

This is my second favorite photo of the trip!

How about this tree?

I think we found our tree!

Me, attempting to cut it down….

Adam takes over and in 2.2 seconds it’s done.

Adam is my hero!!! (My favorite photo from the day)

Welcome home Christmas tree!

Part two of decorating the tree will come later.:)