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Lifestyle Designing

Designing your life is a personal pursuit of everything that fulfills you. While the vision and the execution awaits your true creative energy and commitment, I’m here to support and encourage you with positive and proven tools to help you design the lifestyle of your dreams.

You can find more detail below on different options on how I can help you design your life intentionally. If you’re unsure if I’m the right fit for you, I offer a 30 minute free consultion, because I believe that having someone you feel like you can trust is super friendly and who you feel can give you helpful insight is the best fit!


One month filled with four one-on-one couture coaching that dives into every area of your life while releasing your true passions and visions for yourself. I help you hone in on what thrills you while also exposing yourself to what the desires of your heart truly are.

  1. Discovering your true desires We’re all full of little sparks that drive us – and when you combine them you ignite the one flame that pushes you further than ever before. When you discover what the desires of your heart truly are, you’ll realize that there are no sacrifies to be made to achieve them…you want to push everything aside to make your heart happy. You define what your values are and realize the important role they play in your life. Discovering and choosing what the desires of your heart are helps you become more acquainted with yourself and feel comfortable approaching decisions, lifestyle choices, and events with more confidence.     2. Life & Style Discovering your ideal lifestyle is not only a game changer, it’s an eye opener to following your true desires and no longer the ideals of others. You’ll finally stop worrying about serving everybody, and realize it’s okay to serve yourself – it’s not selfish but you’re actually giving even more of yourself to the world.   3. Your awakening You’ll begin to align your desires along with the lifestyle you dream of and create a road map to get you there. We’ll streamline and simplify so that you only take in what fulfills you. You’ll create the perfect amount of space so that you can balance what makes you happy along with the every day tasks, but you’ll feel beautiful and successful doing all of it.   4. Creating an intentional life You’ll leave feeling like you have the tools to make the positive and lifelong changes you’ve been wanting without feeling selfish or full of it. You’ll begin to eliminate clutter and the things in your life that you no longer need, and graviate towards people and items that make your heart sing. You’ll get to the centre of who you are, what is important, and how to live that out, daily.


Over four one-on-one sessions you’ll receive personalized coaching,up to an hour each, that concentrates on your true authentic self, in the non-self help way. You’ll learn to embrace the large and small things that define who you are and what lights you on fire. You’ll feel more in tune with yourself, feel like you can authentically represent yourself, and feel comfortable doing so. The exclusive couture coaching sessions have an emphasis on connection, intuition, and also making sure you are feeling like you’re going further and digging deeper into your true self.  

  • Women who are ready to live an authentic and beautiful life, on their own standards
  • You’re ready to forget what everyone else is doing, and go after what truly makes you happy
  • Motivated to live a life you truly love
  • You’re willing to make the time to do your homework

  • How to conquer your fears, step into your true desires, and live an intentional life.
  • How you genuinely want to feel in yourself and in your life that you’ll attract events, situations, and activities that make your heart sing
  • How to cultivate your true potential and feel strengthened, beautiful, and successful
  • A strong, deep solid foundation for your life that you’ll be able to rely on and return to time and time again

  • For four weeks, you’ll receive exclusive coaching sessions with me, either in person if you are local or via skype. These sessions can last up to an hour but you’ll leave feeling on fire, ready to take action, and excited to do things you’ve never done before.
  • Exclusive couture coaching sessions won’t begin until full payment has been made.
  • I schedule coaching sessions that work well with both of our schedules, so no matter what time zone you are in or how many balancing acts you are doing with your schedule, we’ll find a time that works once I have received full payment.
  • What you put into this, is what you’ll get out of it – plus more! I put my heart and soul into our sessions and I fully expect you’ll do the same, as well as put 100% into your homework assignments. When you come up with the answers, you’ll realize the passion you have will take you to where you want to go!
  •  I don’t just tell you what to do, I ask the right questions that get you thinking and brainstorming so that you’ll know what to do. It’s way more powerful than someone else telling you what to do, trust me!


You’ve got passion and ambition to put some time aside for yourself to really define who you are You’re willing to dig deep and dream big to really reveal what the desires of your heart are  and to reveal your true self You’re ready to take action  


If you make time and show up (emotionally and mentally) for our couture coaching and do all of your homework, yet still feel like you haven’t been able envision and set actions in place to live a life you’re excited about, I will happily refund your money. This does mean you’ll be required to turn in all of your homework answers to me, so you’ll have to go through all four weeks before I will refund your money.  Still have questions, please send an email to studio@lesleystefanski.comand I’ll do my best to answer them for you!