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Refining your business purpose

You’ve looked at your industry leaders and tried your very best to follow in their footsteps, because if they can do it, you can do it.

You’re feeling small and insignificant, but you desire to shine brightly amongst the masses.

You can taste and see the success you should be having, but you haven’t been able to make anything happen to get you there.

You feel yourself going in circles, and just need someone to come along and help point you in the right direction.




Two months filled with one on one exclusive private coaching regarding finding out the heart and why behind your business, discovering how to differentiate your business, come to understand and know your ideal client/market, create the greatest client experience you can provide, and come to know who your partners in business marketing are. From here we can talk about your offerings and pricing, and it’s going to blow you away how we come up with it! We’ll also discuss the importance of branding your business correctly and how to make it shine!




1. Discovering your desired lifestyle, your purpose in life, and why you’re doing this in the first place 

When you know what your ultimate life goals are, it gives way to your desired lifestyle.

When you also discover what your life purpose is, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get you there. We find out what will be meaningful and bring fulfillment to you.

From here, you’ll begin to build the foundation of Why you’re in business anyway.

Your desired lifestyle, purpose, and especially the Why, are fundamental to your business. Without them, you’ll continue to feel lost trying to find your way while wasting time, money and energy on everything! 


2. Declare Your Ideal Client

Declaring your ideal client will help you identify who they are, what their dreams and values are, what you can do to help them solve, as well where to find them!

You’ll finally stop worrying about serving everybody, and feel good about it! Others will be able to refer clients to you as they’ll know exactly who you work with.

Knowing the Why behind your business helps you discover who your ideal client is, it will show you the door of who you really want to work with!

The Why behind your business along with your ideal client is the spark that will light up your business and give it the voice it’s been missing.


3. Creating Your Signature Offerings and Pricing

You’ll realize that your signature offerings and services sell because they’re micro-focused, easy to market, and easy to talk about; especially to your ideal client.

You’ll refine the products and services that aren’t making you money, and focus on what thrills your client!

You’ll no longer have to worry that you haven’t included enough, too much or that the price isn’t right…because you’ll be creating everything and pricing it for your ideal client.


4. Making Sure Everything Makes Sense and Aligns with Your Why

You’ll decide what kind of entrepreneur you truly were designed to be so that you never again attempt to be like someone else (which wastes time, energy, and money).

You’ll create the right company strategy that will give you direction as to where you’re going. Do you want to work from your home or a creative studio? Do you want staff, and if you do, how many? Do you want to be known all around the world or would you prefer to stay true to your local roots?

This will be your roadmap to success as you’ll know exactly where your revenue is coming from and how it aligns with the business you are building.


5. Creating A Client Experience They’ll Remember

From combining the Why behind your business, your ideal client, and also the type of business you’re building you’ll be able to create a client experience that is tailor made for them.

You’ll know exactly how to communicate with them via your website, emails, and any other way you touch base with them. You’ll know where to meet them, how to gift them, and how to treat them.

You’ll never have to worry whether to meet at a local cafe or if you should meet at a 5 Star hotel lobby, you’ll know exactly what will put them at ease.


6. Marketing To Your Client and Also Your Marketing Partners

You’ll discover how to market to your client that answers their biggest wish, and you’ll know exactly how to do it.

You’ll also know who to create marketing partnerships with so you no longer have to worry if it will be a good match or not.

Because of the hard work you did before finding out who your ideal client is, you’ll find out exactly where they hang out and where they spend their time and it will help open marketing partnerships that you didn’t see before.




Over a two month period you’ll receive six exclusive private coaching sessions, up to an hour each, including 2 implementation weeks so that you can test some of your discoveries or work further on some that you want to dedicate more time to.

The Why Development gets to the heart of you and your business and builds upon that create a brand that best resprests you and where you want your business to go!

The exclusive private coaching sessions have an emphasis on connection, intuition, and also making sure your business is profitable. There is no point in continuing your business if you can’t make a profit.



  • Women who have been working in their current business for at least one year
  • You’re ready to forget what everyone else is doing, and finally build a business based on what you want
  • You’re determined and have a strong drive to see your business succeed
  • You’re willing to make the time to do your homework


  •  The WHY behind why your business exists and how it will make your dream lifestyle more accessible
  • A strong, deep solid foundation for your business that you’ll be able to rely on and return to time and time again
  • Brainstorm and create action plans to market your business properly
  • Strategies to leverage your talent to generate your desired income



  •  For six weeks, you’ll receive exclusive private coaching session with me, either in person if you are local or via skype. These sessions can last up to an hour but you’ll leave feeling on fire, ready to take action, and excited to do things you’ve never done before.
  • Exclusive private coaching sessions won’t begin until full payment has been made.
  • I schedule coaching sessions that work well with your schedule, so no matter what time zone you are in or how many balancing acts you are doing with your schedule, we find a time that works for you once I have received full payment.
  • What you put into this, is what you’ll get out of it. I put my heart and soul into our sessions and I fully expect you’ll do the same, as well as put 100% into your homework assignments. When you come up with the answers, you’ll realize the passion you have will take you to where you want to go!
  •  I don’t just tell you what to do, but I ask the right questions that get you thinking and brainstorming so that you’ll know what to do. It’s way more powerful than someone else telling you what to do, trust me!




You’ve got passion and ambition to finally put your dreams into action

You’re willing to dig deep and dream big to really reveal what the desires of your heart are to finally build a business that really lights you on fire

You’re ready to take action




If you make time and show up (emotionally and mentally) for our private coaching and do all of your homework, yet still feel like you haven’t been able to refine your business, I will happily refund your money.

This does mean you’ll be required to turn in all of your homework answers to me, so you’ll have to go through all eight weeks before I will refund your money.


Still have questions, please send an email to and I’ll do my best to answer them for you!