I am listening to calming music, as I do my best, most beautiful work when Vitamin String Quartet is surrounding me. Music has always allowed me to delve into the world of art and beauty while creating a soundtrack for my life. For a while, that meant designing residential interiors to Calvin Harris, creating women’s portraiture in Europe to Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi, writing a romance novel to Olafur Arnalds, and most recently exploring watercolor swatches on thick cotton paper to Kris Bowers.

Being drawn to beauty means I see it when it is often overlooked. I see it in between the inky pages of novels, in black and white photographs, in the layers of asparagus at the produce stand, or the tiniest frames tucked beneath antique tables.

And each time I see something beautiful, it takes my breath away and stirs my heart alive.

With a background in interior design, photography, fashion, and writing, I have decared myself a creative magpie. I am inspired by travel, William Morris prints, interiors, classical architecture, British and French lifestyles, and the art of storytelling by any medium possible.

In my spare time between working full-time and quality time with my family in beautiful Vancouver, BC, I create art and writings that shine a light on storytelling in a whismiscal and elegant way.

Working by candle light, a bowl of popcorn and a French 75, l let the creativity flow and take me on its wild journey. Will you join me?

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