The bus to Burrard and 5th

Today I met up with an amazing and inspiring woman, Morgaine Owens. I have been following her blog for awhile, but we recently connected on Twitter and we met up so that I could show her samples of Wall Blanksprints (if you’re looking for beautiful printing options, check these people out!!). What at first was a quick meet up turned into an amazing morning of exchanging thoughts on fine art, school, photography, business, dreams, and our childhood.

We talked about how when we were younger we would beg our parents to put us into dance or music classes. My parents always said it was too expensive so I never attended, but it’s something I always wished I had the chance to learn. Deep down inside I knew I would have excelled at it…more than anything else. I confessed to Morgaine something that I don’t know if I had told anyone else before.

When I was younger I so desperately wanted to know how to play the piano that whenever I had the chance to sit in front of one I would. I would sit on the bench, put my foot on top of the damper petal, and lay my fingers so softly on top of the keys and….wait! I would sit there waiting to know how to play. Eventually I would play a key and wait some more. So many times I remember sitting in front of all these pianos just praying that God would teach me how to play the piano, and that I would play the beautiful music that flowed through me.

It never happened, of course. But one day my parents blessed me with a little keyboard and for the next 3 months I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning teaching myself how to play and I was so happy. My soul filled with joy and I was excited anytime I could sit in front of a piano and play something. Eventually I taught myself how to play well enough that I was asked to play in my church worship band, and helped lead music for our youth, and sunday services. I don’t think you’ll understand how excited and blessed I felt to have the ability to do that.

I have never learned how to read music, but I can play by ear, and to this day sitting in front of the piano is what fills my heart with joy and I cannot wait for the day I can afford to have a baby grand piano of my own and fill my own house with beautiful music.

We both discussed that you need find something that fills your soul with happiness! Whether it is art, painting, playing music, playing a sport, doing yoga, hiking, or making coffee…do it! It doesn’t have to become your profession (I know I will never be a concert pianist) but I know that my heart yearns to play the piano almost everyday, and when I visit my family who live on the North Shore, you will most likely find me sitting in front of their piano playing something that makes my heart sing!

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  • lilyMay 17, 2013 - 8:22 AM

    Lesley, you are AMAZINGLY talented!!
    I can only read music and until today have failedto learn to play by ear! 🙁ReplyCancel