the journey: a game called sorry

Owning a business, is fun; I love it! When I think back through all my years, I keep on seeing signs showing me that I was built and designed to own my own business, my mind was created for it, and I thank God every day for it. It’s fun to sit down every day knowing each ounce of energy I’m putting into it, will be returned directly to me. (How is that for ROI!) I’m allowed to take out my scrapbook and markers with a cup of tea and sit for hours doodling, drawing, or brainstorming, and no one can tell me I’m not working. This is the task for the day, please don’t mind the mess!

But one thing I learned recently that besides having no one to answer to, there is also no one to answer for me or back me up. You are on your own, building a name and a road for yourself, hoping that you’re doing it right. And in doing so, you learn the game of sorry. That your decisions might not always be the right one, your words the correct ones to say, or the paint colour you chose for your new space is completely wrong. And you’re left there, saying sorry, and starting again.

As a business owner, we are served a dish of humble pie every once in awhile, you just hope there is a side of ice cream to go along with it.

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