What will truly make you happy

We are in the middle of a month long holiday to see some of the most amazing sights we had ever seen, eating some of the most amazing food, and meeting some truly life changing people. We’re feeling like we were living a blessed and rich life.  As we sat overlooking the Italian Riviera watching the ocean wash up against the sandy shore we held hands and marveled at the life we were living. And as I took another long sip of my chilled white wine he suddenly turned to me and said “Do you think that if we made XX amount of money more, we would feel happier, or that our life would somehow be changed?”. I almost choked on my wine and stared at him. (I am leaving out the number because the number doesn’t even matter. What mattered, was the heart of the question.)

I started thinking about all the other things that could be put in place of money. A house, a car, a purse, shoes, or even location. If we did any of those things, do you think we would feel happier or that our life was changed. In a matter of seconds I answered in all honesty, no I don’t believe it would. Sure, life might feel easier but not happier or changed. I know this with every ounce of my being.

And that is what I ask you, do you know what will truly make you happy. Truly in every essence, not what you think will make you happy, but will.