Crossing items off my bucket list

In my grade twelve year I was given the opportunity to take a whole semester of creative writing, and I couldn’t wait for the class began. Every day I looked forward to B block and would carry my plain page journal covered in surf pictures and inspirational quotes into class excited to begin writing. It was the first class I ever took that really felt I was given the opportunity to really let my writing shine though and not be hindered by the school’s expectations. We were allowed to write in colours and I took liberty to mostly write in felt markers and crayons, and pages were filled with fictional and non-fictional stories.

We were encouraged to allow our minds to wander, to write what ever came to mind without stopping, and see where it took us. I use this technique even today, when I feel the need to write but not really needing to say anything. As the class came to a close we were asked to write a list of a 100 combined things we wanted to see, do, or be during our lifetime and I devoured it up writing things like get a tattoo, move out of my parents place, see Paris and London, get married. They all seemed pretty attainable except for one item I never thought I’d actually be able to do.

I wrote, visit Africa. Kenya especially, but Africa. For some reason it always laid very heavy on my heart and I so longed to see a place that just felt so far removed but so emotionally attached to me. I longed to see it, but didn’t ever think I’d get the opportunity or would be blessed enough to get on a 30 hour flight.

And due to decisions I made a long time ago, to intentionally only allow things and people in my life that made my heart sing…I’m doing it! Tomorrow I am catching a plane and will be traveling for over 30 hours, and will land in Africa; Tanzania to be exact. I can hardly contain myself that another one of my desires is finally coming true!

My carryon is packed with just the essentials and I’m so ready to soak up all the Tanzanian culture I can get!

I’ve not very often I get to cross items off my bucket list, but this is one I’m truly celebrating! Have you crossed anything off your bucket list lately? Do you have a bucket list?!

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  • JenniferSeptember 25, 2012 - 7:02 AM

    it must feel so wonderful to cross something off your bucket list. I don’t have a written list but just a list in my head but you inspire me to write my own list. The first and most important thing that was always on my list is having my own little company and be free to work for myself and do something I love – I am so glad I can cross that off my list before writing it down but there are so many more steps on the route to freedom. Thanks for your friendship and inspiration ! Keep on dreaming and writingReplyCancel