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The other day I had a conversation with one of my classmates, I’m currently taking the Project Management course at UBC, and I asked “What are you going to do after this?” and they had no idea what he was going to do. I looked at then and I thought you’re missing the whole purpose why you’re taking this course, this course is probably going to give you an easier chance of being employable, but this is your opportunity to create a job and a career out of something you love and do. I just jumped at the chance and said “Well, if you envision your life a year from now, how do you want to feel, what does the environment look like…in a year from now, what are you doing?”.

They looked at me, and it was like this lightbulb went off in their head, and they said I’ve never thought about that before. I responded most people haven’t. This is a great opportunity for anyone who as a crossroad in their life or a decision has to be made, in a year from now…how do you want to feel?

When you wake up in the morning, you put on your clothes for the day, put on your make up/do your hair, you’ve had your latte and you walk out that door…where are you going? What does it look like, what tasks are you fulfilling, what activities are you doing and who are you surrounded by? Are you inspiring them, are they inspiring you? What are you doing at lunch hour? Are you out with them or are you in front of your desk? Are you going for a jog (are they allowing that), are you working working late into the night or do you want to come home and spend time with your family?

Or perhaps:

In a year from now you envision yourself working from home doing something that you’re just as passionate about as you did going to that job, but you’re spending it with your family and creating craft time.

Again, what are you doing? What are those tasks?

Tell me, figure it out. Work through it and visualize what it is that you’re doing a year from now.

And also.

How do you feel when you’re doing those tasks? What does it look like when you’re with your classmates, colleagues, family, or your friends. How does it feel?

Does it feel invigorating, peaceful, or inspiring, does it feel adventurous or wonderful? There are so many more words that you need to start looking at to know what does it feel like and what does that mean to you?

There is so much more to your career and life then “I’m just doing this because I feel like I should”.

Design your life assignment
Take a moment this week to create a space where you can envision what you want to be doing by this time next year, and when you write out each activity/task also describe how you’re feeling when you’re doing them. You’ll have a clear vision by the end of this what exactly you’re working towards.

Please feel free to share your discoveries in the comments below!

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  • arshMay 5, 2013 - 9:40 PM

    It’s interesting how you wrote about this! I always have these on my mind, what will I be doing in a year, and what will I be doing in five years. For me what I want to do and achieve in one year is the easier one to answer, the five year one takes more courage!ReplyCancel