Getting rid of inspiration

What if there was no inspiration to guide you or to hold you back from your dreams? What if you live your life just doing things because you want to do them, not because you saw them in a magazine, on a blog post, been told that this is what the celebrities are wearing, or saw a picture on Pinterest? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and wondering what would my life look like if there was no inspiration. Would my life look any different? Would there be less stress in my life? Would life feel more dull? Would the feeling of desire still be there?

I’ve taken breaks from social media to give my mind time to just be, to soak up life around me instead of the life within Facebook or Twitter (I continue to be active on Instagram as it’s more personal for me). I’ve seriously considered removing everything from my life that makes me long and desire for things other than what I already have.

However, once I really started thinking about it I realized I’d have to remove pretty much everything from my life and live in a tiny bubble – never leaving my home.

My life would definitely be more dull.

That is not a life to live, removing myself from everyone and everything in it. There is a reason why I’m filled with inspiration daily and a deep desire to constantly live a lifestyle that truly makes me happy.

I find inspiration everywhere. Novels and non-fiction. Blogs and magazines, Pinterest and Instagram. Brick & Mortar shops as well as online stores. I find inspiration in nature as well as when I go to the theater to listen to the symphony. When I walk down the street I’m inspired by how people dress and communicate with one another. When I travel to a different country or when I sit at home staring out at the city I live in. It’s all there, inspiring me to live life beautifully.

I can’t remove inspiration from my life because there would be no life to live.

Inspiration should light a fire and build a desire in you to work for what you want, not leave you feeling down or depressed – don’t allow your inspiration to be tainted with your inner critic.

When I’m inspired I have to analyze if I’m inspired because it truly speaks to me or because I feel like I should like it, sometimes one gets lost and then I find myself going after something that I truly don’t desire or need. It’s a fine balance and the more I learn about myself the easier it is to know when I’m truly inspired and when to say ‘that’s nice, but not for me’.

Do you struggle with being inspired and your inner critic? Have you figured out what you truly desire out of life and know when inspiration hits it’s perfect for you?

I would love to hear if you’ve ever thought of getting rid of inspiration and just living life without influence.

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