Inspiring Women Series

I am so excited to bring this interview series to you. I envisioned the Inspiring Women Series last year while enjoying a cup of tea and scrolling through my Instagram feed. I realized that in one tiny app, and in real life, I had surrounded myself with Inspiring Women and I wanted to know more about them. This past June I started reaching out to these women who inspired me and asked if they’d like to be featured as part of the series, and the response has blown me away.

One of the reasons why I was really motivated to introduce the Inspiring Women Series is because as a life coach and blogger it can be easy to write about life and say things like “if you live life like me, you can find happiness” but I don’t want to be that type of person. I’m passionate about women creating and living an intentional life that authentically reflects them and their dreams.

And because of that desire for women to live in a way that truly reflects them I want the interview series to showcase other women who are living intentional lives, dreaming big, and working hard to achieve their dreams. I want to showcase women from all different walks of life, who are living life the way they feel most lead to live it, and are happy – truly happy living life this way.

I honestly didn’t think that these women would say yes. I assumed their lives were too busy and that I was too little of a business for people to want to participate. I had big dreams in the Inspiring Women Series but didn’t actually believe in myself – that my vision had a purpose. I started small by reaching out to a few women who I knew in person and who I originally approached with the idea last year. The moment I received my first yes is when things started changing for me. I then saw that my mindset of playing small was limiting me and that if I allowed myself to let go of my own fear and restrictive mentality that I could reach further than I ever imagined.

I felt the fear of feeling small and insignificant and moved through it to reach out to inspiring women who had bigger audiences, who own successful businesses, who know what they want and desire, and who live life differently than I do but live it intentionally. I did all of this while thinking of you so that I would bring the best women who would inspire you to live your life in a way that truly reflects you.

I truly believe that there is a group of women who want to collaborate, inspire, and encourage one another. And I’m working to gather them together here for you to learn from and be inspired by the way they live their lives.

As I read through each response I myself am already inspired and implementing certain ways that they live their lives into my every day. Every time I read through the answers I am almost in tears because I am so thankful that each woman has taken the time to answer the questions in such detail so that we can feel supported and encouraged to live our lives intentionally and create the life we WANT to live.

I’m so incredibly excited and thrilled to bring you the Inspiring Women Series, which begins next Wednesday!

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