Another weekend in London

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Friday we venture towards Bank and I take him to Leadenhall Market, a place that was used as Diagon Alley for the Harry Potter films. He is an avid fan of the novels and production and when we arrive he takes in the architecture and the stalls, all with Isla by his side. It is the sweetest thing to watch. Him and her cuddled closely together against the London wind as we experience new sights together.

The weekend is spent in total relaxation with us all in loungewear and it passes by quickly. Mister and Isla take walks in the crisp autumn air while I stay home in the warmth of our flat. There are soaks in the bath and time spent reading novels and magazines. I finally feel recharged and replenished after almost a month of travel and giving of myself to my family.

On Monday we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with friends from Vancouver over a simple dinner but always lively conversation. When the evening is over and we’ve said goodbye to our guests we fall to sleep quickly yet thankful for all we have.

By Tuesday we are ready to explore London some more and make our way towards the Natural History Museum in Kensington and he is completely in his element, and soon I am as well, as it brings us back to our primary school days of learning all about the earth and the animals that once ruled it. As we pass by exhibits soon I am completely taken with the architecture of the building and a gasp escapes me. It is so grand and beautiful I can hardly contain my excitement. One of the reasons I adore and love Europe is for all it’s architecture and design it has developed over the centuries, and having citizens who want to preserve it.

There is a moment on Thursday when she goes down for her afternoon nap and he looks at me and says ‘go out on your own, I’ll watch her’. I almost don’t know what to do with myself but am elated at the freedom. I wander in and out of stores hitting all my favourites: Jo Malone, The White Company, Paperchase, LK Bennett all the while completely at ease with myself. I stop in at Fortnum & Mason and pick up a tin of Countess Grey. I wish to have time to sit and enjoy an afternoon tea but instead to return home happy with my purchase.

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