Our first few days in London

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We arrive into London excited and ready to settle into our usual routine. After a two hour ride through the city, admiring the passing affluent neighbourhoods of Kensington and Marylebone, we arrive at our flat in Camden. Our place to call home for a month.

We settle in quickly by setting up her baby-cot and highchair and unpacking all of our clothes. While we tumble a load of laundry we head to the nearest market to pick up a few essentials. Before long we are all fast asleep in our own rooms, with our clothes neatly put away, and a fridge with breakfast ingredients.

We head out the next morning to purchase more essentials for our home by walking through Camden. I am surprised at how familiar everything is to me and lead us to a breakfast place while she sleeps in the pram. After, with two flat whites we stop in at Whole Foods and Sainsbury to pick up groceries before I head out on my own.

There is the typical infuriating moment of taking transportation in London, but I chalk it up to just experiencing London to the fullest. I eventually decide to walk to my destination and end up loving the result. I sit in a cafe with a friend while our babes crawl around on the wooden terrace and it is a moment. There I am sitting in London with a friend from Vancouver, whom I officially met in Barcelona, with our two small children playing together.

I come home and prepare Isla for bed fixing her up a delicious supper, running a bath, and placing her in white pjs before placing her in her bed. I run across the street to a small grocers to pick up a bottle of wine and settle in on the couch.

I wake up with our babe and quietly we escape upstairs to not disturb Adam. I play soft classical music while I fix her a breakfast of tart yogurt (something she did not enjoy two weeks ago) mango and apple puree and a bottle of milk. We spend the morning enjoying the time together, in the quiet, just the two of us.

We walk as a family through Camden towards Kings Cross before ending up at The Albany for a late lunch. Never allowed into Pubs in Vancouver with Isla it is a relief to be able to pop in with a baby to enjoy a meal and feed her as well. Later that evening when she has been put down for the night we make a delicious Indian dinner of Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala which we savour and enjoy.

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