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D esiree Cluff is the founder and operator of Rockababy. Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, B.C, and educated at Erickson College. Desiree studied Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, an approach to Psychotherapy based on the awareness of the power of language to affect behaviour and stimulate the mind. She is valued addition to the Inspiring Women Series.

Inspired by her desire to help others, Desiree knew from a young age that she wanted to work with children. She brings to the table superb communication skills, warmth and empathy and over a decade of experience with newborns, infants and toddlers. Her satisfied clients (well rested mamas!) claim she possesses magic pixie dust that she throws on their screaming and sleepless babies transforming them to great sleepers, sleeping 12-hour nights. The real key to her success has always been her personal touch. She spends quality time with each family and puts together a customized training program for them that she knows they can succeed with. 

Name: Desiree Cluff
Occupation: Baby Sleep Consultant, Toddler Behavioral Coach, Parent Mentor

Three of your favorite things to get you through the day (apps/drink/workout):

  1.  I cannot live without green juice, with an added shot of E3Live and lots of ginger!
  2. My personal trainer is amazing and I couldn’t do it without him; I’m the kinda of person who needs to have someone kick my butt or I may as well not even bother.
  3. Coffee, it’s the first thing I do every day!

 Who are you inspired by, and why?

My mother. She hasn’t had it easy by any means, yet she never fails to show me the value of positive choices no matter how difficult the circumstances. She has taught me to believe in things working out as they are supposed to, and knowing deep within my being that no matter what, I will always be okay. I am so grateful for her.

To get where you are today, how did you ‘feel the fear and move through it’ anyway? Where there any moments you thought you’d just simply quit?

Haha, oh boy! Yes, I know the quitting feeling all too well. I think it’s normal and I know I struggle with perfection, so I want to produce something and make sure it’s the best it can be before anyone else sees it. This is soooo unrealistic! I always tell myself it’s going to work out, I know the right people and the right plans will somehow fall into place as they are supposed to. I try not to force things. 

We always want to know how others balance it all, and I’m sure you feel like you don’t, but tell us some ways on how you stay on top of your game. What gets left behind, what gets top priority, and what helps you stay grounded?

I feel like I lose my marbles a little sometimes. In my job, time sensitivity is so crucial because I am constantly adjusting behaviours, modifying sleep plans and I’m talking to sleep deprived families. I always want to give them my best, and sometimes I can’t balance it all as quickly as I’d like to. Responding to emails, returning calls and making sure I haven’t missed something is tough. I’m not the best at blocking time for myself, so sometimes I feel I can go too long without taking “me time” to recharge. If I don’t do that I’m burnt out, and useless to my clients. I make it a priority to schedule a walk in the forest with my dog, a coffee with my Mom, and dinner with my guy, that’s a priority!

What are your must-have tools to keep on top of every day tasks as well as your busy life?

This is a funny question for me because I’m in transition with a lot right now. Trying to implement new habits, like writing things down, are changing my must-haves. Everything is stored in my head, I don’t write anything down (I can’t believe I’m telling you this, it haunts me!) and I really want to start! I have a beautiful agenda but it’s pretty much empty… I am pretty addicted to my iPhone! 

Living intentionally takes action and dedication, is there a specific moment in your life where you made the decision to live intentionally? Or has it always been the way you’ve lived life?

I think I started living intentionally after I lost my Dad a couple of years ago, and got divorced at the same time. It was devastating in so many ways, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone and into something unknown and scary. I think I was trying to live intentionally before this, but I couldn’t find myself fully. As horrible as my experience was, and as much as I would do anything to have my Dad here, I am now the best version of myself because of that journey. It’s a beautiful thing really and I am so grateful, but it’s also a choice, and not an easy one I might add. Trust me, there were days I just wanted to crawl into a dark hole and never come out! When I see those major struggles in others, I know it’s an opportunity for their greatness to come through!

How has your life changed since you’ve been living it intentionally?

Opportunity comes knocking all the time. Good things happen, serendipitous things happen that you kind of have to look at and say yeah, I did that! It all makes perfect sense, when you have an open awareness about what’s really going on in your life. I know I am the creator of my life, and when I live intentionally, I get exactly what I wish for. That doesn’t always mean good things, haha. Sometimes I create a bunch of garbage because that’s what I’ve been thinking about, I can get stuck in a negative place (not too often) and life sure will show up and huck lemons right in my face! That’s when I laugh and realize I’ve somehow managed to do this to myself, and it’s time to pay close attention to where I’m letting my thoughts go. I’ll often go see my energy healer, let her wave her big crystals around my body, and clear my chakras.

Have your family/friends been supportive?

I have amazing family and friends. The people closest to me are proud of me. That’s a really important piece in my life. We all tend to push compliments aside, and minimize how amazing things are when it’s you it’s happening to. I’m fortunate enough to have an incredible network of beautiful souls in my life, who make me stop and take it all in.

Do you have any rituals or friends you call upon when you need extra support or encouragement?

I talk to my Dad a lot, I’m pretty open minded and spiritual I guess you could say, so I feel his energy and know he’s there when I need him. I call on him for help and guidance, especially when babies are crying, and won’t go to sleep. I ask for his help with my clients a lot, gotta tell ya, it sure does work.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to live intentionally but doesn’t know where to start?

Don’t try too hard. Try and let you shine through in everything you do: Instagram, your brand, your personal style and touches. There could be a million other people out there trying to do what you’re doing but they aren’t you. You don’t want to be a second class version of someone else.

Where do you look to draw from when you want inspiration, visual or narrative, for the life you intend to live?

I have such an amazing core group of women in business! They are always there for me, and we bounce ideas off each other constantly.  My guy, he’s so passionate and supportive of what I do, and always helps me talk out my craziness and find clarity. They always have something valuable to lend, whether it’s an idea, or support. Sometimes you just need a sounding board.

I’m always inspired to hear what other people’s dreams are, what dream of yours are you currently working towards that you envision happening in the next year?

Well, as of today one of my big ones came true, I’ve been asked to speak at the Conscious Divas event in October. I went to this event a few months ago and I was so thrilled. I said out loud to my friends “I want to speak at the next one” and I suppose I set an intention! I also am feeling very drawn to write a book. I’m not sure what it will look like yet, but that’s the plan, and the wheels are turning (only in my head so far).

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