My journey into life coaching

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In the fall of 2011, I was commissioned to photograph 10 gorgeous women in France at a beautiful château filled with century old antiques and acres of countryside surrounding the area. I drove up, in the dead of the night, assuming that I was there to photograph and inspire these women to feel good about their bodies…but what I walked away with was more life changing than anything. I walked away with the desire to do more than photograph and not work with women only once. I desired to work with women repeatedly and support them as they transformed their lives from dreams to reality.

That weekend I saw what was possible, that there are women who desperately want to make changes in their life but are unsure which path to take, which dream to implement first, or even how to come up with a dream that they want to pursue. As I pulled away from the château I realized that I was created to be of service to these women, to support them and champion them along the way. That I had an ability to coach them to ask the right questions, to dive deeper so that they knew without a doubt that the dream they were pursing would lead them to live a life that authentically resonated with them.

However, I still had my photography business, and it was going well. There was such fear around the thought that photography was a part of the journey to coaching. I was afraid that I’d look like someone with no direction…someone who just jumped from one idea to the next. I was anxious that I would be judged as someone who was  so flippant about my career. How could I just give up everything I had worked so hard for over the past three years?

The truth was I knew that I had a deeper calling on my life, and photography was a part of the journey to get me there. Just like working in corporate or attending interior design school. Everything was leading me to here.

So I worked out a plan and committed myself to not pursue life coaching for two years and focus on building my business. That’s is a long time hard for someone who loves to start projects.

But life has a funny way of changing your best laid plans.

Eight months later Mister and I were packing up our belongings in Holland and moving back to Canada, and I made the decision to close my photography business and pursue coaching instead.

So with the new transition in our life, I came up with the plan that I’d start coaching within weeks of arriving in Vancouver. Again, even with the best laid plans, life has a way of saying not yet.

I spent the next six months in a state of reverse culture shock, emotionally burnt out from packing up our life and business and moving back into our old apartment. I spent that time also wondering what I was going to do with my life.

In all the turmoil of moving and closing down my business I started wonder if what I was feeling before was truly what I wanted to do. I let myself get off my path and started following what was expected of me. I made a decision and invested money into something that I shouldn’t have. Thankfully I learned a lot from it.

But in the middle of finishing something that I shouldn’t have started the embers for life coaching began to shift into flames. I started responding to situations and questions from friends and peers in a different way, and knew I had to go back to that weekend in France and figure out exactly what I wanted to do.

I then hosted my first give away, and it exploded in ways I never imagined. And from that moment on I knew that life coaching would be the direction I would be going.

If you would like to get on the waitlist to work with me in 2015, send me an email! I cannot wait to hear from you!

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