A slow weekend

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Saturday it is raining and we escape to the National Museum for hours of wandering and enjoying history. Once we get our fill we step outside to the bright sunshine and the smell of crisp autumn air, it fills our lungs and refreshes us. We walk and walk before we step into a thai restaurant in Soho where I realize I have dined, 3 years prior on a work trip to London, when I joined successful engineers for lunch. Before coming to London I was afraid it would feel large and too busy. However, I find that even though there is much to learn and experience, somehow it feels familiar and much smaller than I anticipated. In a way it feels like home.

Sunday it is sunny and beautiful so we head to our new favourite cafe near Camden Town before walking through Regent’s park while Isla sleeps away in her pram. When she finally wakes we walk down famous Baker Street towards Marylebone and pass by again more familiar streets where we’ve once shopped and explored. We take our time as we walk through Hyde Park towards Kensington Gardens and I realize that this is all I ever wanted to do, was explore the parks and gardens of London with Isla. With her by our side we view the city differently than before. We stop by playgrounds to let her explore and lay for hours in the grass as she crawls all around and over us. I lay down a white blanket before the Physical Energy Statue in the gardens and the Long Water behind us we lay in the grass overlooking the Palace for hours and it’s the most enjoyable moment we’ve had as a family on this getaway. That evening we make a wonderful paella for dinner before calling it a night after our long day.

Monday morning we enjoy a much needed family nap after a fitful night of comforting Isla. Even though I said I would never let my child sleep in my bed there is something so comforting sleeping with her in my arms. When we finally make it out of the house we are greeted at our cafe and two flat whites are quickly produced for us to enjoy. While she continues to sleep in the pram we walk to Primrose Hill and enjoy stopping in at the estate and letting agents to look at what is available in the neighbourhood, what attracts us, and what we could potentially live in. We step into a quaint cafe when the winds blow and the chill sets our cheeks all pink and are greeted with friendly smiles and hellos. We settle in with a warm hot chocolate for me, perhaps the best I’ve ever had, and another flat white for him. She sits in our laps completely content to play with our hands and faces while we watch the leaves fall from the trees outside.

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