Endless walks around Porto

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When I think about our time in Porto, it seems almost a blur. A delightful glorious blur of moments and events that honestly have no particular meaning other than we are doing exactly what we set out to do. We are living our lives, as we would live it in Vancouver, but in a new city.

Over coffee and pastries we talk of how if someone were to ask “what did you see? what is a ‘must do’ in Porto” we almost wouldn’t know what to say to them. Mostly because we are living, and enjoying, and just being in the most natural way that we know how. Of course we have seen sights and tourist attractions, but we don’t view them as attractions mostly because we just fall upon them during our daily walk, hardly ever having a destination in mind except to wander. It is exactly how we want it, and it is beautiful.

Endless walks around the city, sometimes being caught in thundershowers that we run for cover laughing the whole way. But we always find a new cafe or shop to enjoy and explore. We walk side by side, his hand in mine or my arm in his enjoying each other’s company, the thoughts we share, or the moments of silence and just being together.

A delightful glorious blur of moments.

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