We are doing instead

Intentional living, lifestyle design, guidance by Lesley, Lesley Stefanski
We wandered the streets of Porto with no destination in mind but enjoying each other’s company while she slept peacefully in the pram. We talked of dreams, of the life we have lived and the life we are living. We also discussed our list of “should do/should be/should have”.

We all have them.

I believe there comes a point in everyone’s life where we have to stop and ask ourselves, is it really important. Is our list of ‘should do/should be/should have’ really as important as we say it is or should we just stop and let ourselves be?

Mister and I decided that we didn’t want to let ourselves be, but we also wanted to pay attention to what we were putting on our mental list of ‘should’. It is very easy to say the things we should be doing in life in passing, but I desire to be intentional in my life instead of just saying something and never following through on it.

So while we passed beautiful mosaic tiled buildings I asked both of us “do we want to be saying ‘I should be working out every day’ a year from now? How about when we’re 40?! Do we still want to be saying we should be doing something but never actually following through and the result of that (gaining weight and our muscles not being put to good use) becoming a detriment to our health?”. We both agreed that we didn’t want that result.

We wanted to implement our list of should to continue living intentionally, and also creating a lifestyle that had a positive impact.

Before the thundershowers came we slipped into a beautiful café and there over glasses of Port wine and a delicious lunch we made a list. And committed that if we don’t implement the things on our list, then they truly aren’t important enough for us and we will take them off.

None of this “I should…” we are doing instead.

I thought I would share my list with you, to keep myself accountable and to also let you know how it goes. We gave ourselves 6 months to make a go at it.

  • workout twice a week
  • date night every 2 weeks
  • create a meal schedule once a week with grocery list and links to dishes
  • one Vancouver culinary experience a month with Isla

You are welcome to join us in assessing your “I should…” list and seeing what is truly important to you and what you intentionally start designing into your lifestyle.

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