Second to last week in Porto

Lesley Stefanski, Lifestyle Design
Our second to last week in Porto is filled with all the familiar rituals of daily life. Of waking in white sheets and bringing her into our bed so she can crawl and explore to her heart’s content while we wipe the sleep from our eyes. Of laundry tumbling then being hung to dry, playtimes on the hardwood floor where she learns to crawl up and down the couch with such ease and speed that soon the bed is no challenge for her. Of bottle washing, feedings, and bedtime snuggles. All within its own space in time.

Porto is filled with hills so we get our daily exercise pushing her pram up and down the steep hills to our many destinations. Everywhere we turn we met with beautifully restored buildings with gorgeous tile work and intricate ceiling details and also with completely run down and ruined buildings that it is impossible for anyone to live there.

We take a walk to a near by manicured garden and lay my scarf from Tanzania on the damp grass to let her crawl around and explore her surroundings. The view of the city is gorgeous from the stone walls the surround the garden and the greenery is just starting to change from the lush hue of summer to the tangy hues of autumn. She crawls over and under us and we leave her be, happy to watch her from our spot on the grass.

We find a quiet little restaurant that serves that most delicious burgers that we frequent often and becomes our go-to lunch spot.