Another baby

It has been too quiet here, and I once again apologize for the silence. I now realize that when I am pregnant, I cannot function to the full capacity that I usually run at, and I had to give myself permission to let things slide while I grew another precious baby.

I am so amazed and impressed with those women who are able to work full time jobs, or run their own businesses, or even launch a business while pregnant. I am done by 10am!

Blogging, creating newsletters, group coaching, and individual coaching took a back seat.

If you are in a similar position where you feel like you need to continue doing anything and everything while pregnant or with a brand new baby, I give you permission to let things go. They will be exactly where you left them when you are ready to pick them up again. And it is okay if they collect dust because it has been years, and it is okay if you never look at them again.

Image by Melia at Lucida Photography

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  • JennyApril 27, 2015 - 1:28 AM

    Love this image and welcome back 🙂ReplyCancel