Writing in real time


I thought it might be interesting to let you in behind the scenes of what my world looks like when I’m writing. I unexpectedly had an hour of quiet while the children were napping while at the in-laws so I ran up the stairs powered up google drive and opened a new document. I didn’t have any of my previous writing with me, but I knew what I needed to work on so I got right to it.

I also always have my playlist available on my phone, or saved as a playlist on my computer so that no matter where I am I can allow it to transport me into the world I’m creating in my novel. I write very organically by writing out the scene that is playing before me or any words that I hear in my head. I try not to self edit before the words are on the page because then it becomes a habit of not thinking my writing is good enough, so I just go with the flow and trust that the words and the scene will evolve in front of me.

Anything in brackets is me opening a tab in chrome and dashing off to do the research and then coming back with the information that found.

Below is a snippet of a scene that I’m adding into the novel, which is completely in the raw and could possibly have some spoilers.

Waking up the next morning she pulled the warm furs up towards her chin turning her body towards the canvas wall burying her body deeper into the corn husk mattress [research adequate mattress style for royalty as well as ease of traveling], breathing as deeply as she could to ease the weight that curved around her chest. She had a fit of a sleep, tossing and turning most of the night running through the previous nights event in her head.

Every time she rolled over she would ask herself how she could have been so ignorant of the state of her country, and even worse the state of the Legion Counsel’s anger towards her. Fleeing for her life had unsettled her and she needed to find a way to gain control of herself.

The flap of the tent jarred her from her anguished thoughts and Sarah popped her head around the opening, concern eased into the creases of of her forehead.

“I didn’t want to disturb you, I just wanted to bring you some warm breakfast” her breath floated into a silver cloud in front of her nose as she stepped in with a tray of  hot porridge with honey.

[suddenly hungry and run downstairs to grab a snack, all the while thinking of Sophia and Sarah’s exchange.]

“You delivered me from my troubled thoughts more more than anything” Sophia tried to smile as she forced her warm body to meet the frigid air. Sarah quickly placed the tray on the wooden table before bringing a blanket to wrap around Sophia’s shoulders. Holding Sophia’s hand she lead her towards the waiting table surrounded with candles.

“Doesn’t seem like sleep helped you much” Sarah left Sophia to find [research when matches were invented] her flint box and then proceeded to light the candles around Sophia to keep her warm. Sophia dipped her spoon into the thick amber honey then her porridge and enjoyed the sweetness on her tongue and the warmth that enveloped her body as it settled in her stomach.

“No, I think it might have made it worse actually. I felt completely useless the entire night feeling that if only I knew more or wasn’t lied to I could have given a better answer. Oh Sarah, it was terrifying to see the anger they had towards me as well as running through that dark cave following some man I had never met before!”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you through it.”

“I would have felt worse if you were! Thankfully Thane was there, or I…” stirring her honey into her porridge, “I don’t want to think of what would have happened.”

Sarah patted her hand and then went to her trunk to pull out her dress for the day, the green traveling suit and a large brimmed hat with emerald velvet ribbon.

“You’ll have plenty of time to think of what you’ll do next, we’re packing up today and moving.”
“I had forgotten all about it: Sophia’s brown eyes fell upon her breakfast, pushing the bowl away from her.”

So there you have it, that free hour of time turned out 500 words (which is roughly about a half hour of writing time) plus research and a bit of a snack.