When you want to go slowly yet the world is demanding that you go faster.

Type B personality, Creative business, Vancouver Coach

I’ve been on this entrepreneur path for quite some time but one thing that I’ve never discussed is my aversion to the word hustle. When I see messages like “Every day I’m hustling”, “If you’re not hustling then you’re dead”, ” Hustle first, hustle second” it makes me cringe.

I see examples of successful or starting businesses who are making huge waves in their industry and they talk about the hustle, the long nights, and the amount of hours they are putting in. I feel like that no matter what speed you’re working, the world is demanding that you go faster.

I have a really hard time explaining why these statements don’t sit right with me, mostly because I feel guilty or like something is wrong with me if I’m not into hustling. All these Type A personalities are raving about how hard they are hustling and I am sitting here thinking, “umm I am so not Type A. I am Type B! Someone grab them a cup of tea and tell them to relax!” It feels like Type A’s are the glorified personality type. They get things done. They are go-getters. And if you’re not a Type A, well, better pull your big girl pants on and learn to hustle even harder. Because the Type A’s are going to get the early bird and all you’ll be left with is the scraps.

Just typing that out makes me feel tired.

I don’t want the scraps but I also don’t want that life. It isn’t for me.

Anyone else feel this way?

So instead of pulling on my big girl pants, I start telling myself stories that I must be lazy. I must not have what it takes. And since I’m lazy and don’t have what it takes I won’t be successful. I’ll replay scenes of my past where I prove to myself that I’m lazy and I’ll never make it. Then next thing I know I’m flying down a hole throwing my self-confidence down the drain. I can hear myself muttering that I may as well pack up my bags and close up shop because clearly there is someone who has more hustle than me and they should have a crack at the game.

Yet, somehow I still sit at my desk every day. I’m writing, I’m creating, I’m building relationships that are important.

I refuse to give up.

I’m not interested in the hustle and giving up taking care of myself to see my business succeed at lightening speed. I’m not willing to sacrifice my health, my relationships, or my life for the sake of my business. I started out on this entrepreneur journey because I wanted to focus on my art and creativity. I wanted to do life my way.

I want to open up the conversation of what entrepreneurship looks like if you’re not a Type A personality. If the word hustle sends you back under the covers and you’re peeking out wondering if there is another way to do it, I want to show you that there is.

If you’re interested in enjoying the sun in the afternoon and still sending in that client proposal. Taking days off to recharge then responding to client emails. Fostering strong working relationships and boundaries so that you can live the life you dreamed of living. While making sure you’re getting the sleep you require and still meeting your client’s needs I want to let you know you can. And you will.

We all work to get where we are going, just some of us aren’t interested in the hustle. We’re interested in enjoying life along the way.

If you feel like this, I’m thinking of starting a group of like-minded people who want to work hard and get to where they want to go, and still get to be present for their children and not feel guilty for putting their phone down because date night is important to them. Send me an email if you’re interested!