Valentine Fortune Teller

When I started thinking about Valentine Day cards for my children, I thought of all the cards readily available in the shops, and shuddered. The tedious task of having to weed out the overly-tart-heart-explosion-red-and-white-commercialized-cartoon cards for something I would be proud to hand out is something I don’t want to make time for. However, I know my children love to give and receive Valentine cards so I began to research what else might be available.

I came across these beautiful cards courting couples used to give one another in the 1800’s, and instantly my heart began to race. I dove into them researching shapes, colours, and words and how they continue to inspire us today.

Then I remembered how much my children loved drawing and playing the fortune teller game and put two and two together.

The lover’s cards from the 1800’s is strikingly more intricate than what I came up with, but I think this is perfect for little one’s. I also didn’t want something too Valentine centric but something more friendly and could be given to anyone.

I created this fortune teller pattern for the little ones who love to play games, colour, and also to encourage them to have a positive mindset and share that with others.

I’ve created this as a free download so you can share it with your littles if you’d like. Mine can’t wait to hand theirs’s out to all their friends on Valentine’s. I would love to see your finished fortune teller. Send me a photo or tag me @lesleystefanski on Instagram.