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  • Do you desire a life where you know and live your inner purpose? That instead of floating through life you know exactly what your true desires are and living to your fullest potential? Do you feel like what you are longing for is just hidden under the surface and once you discover it there will be no holding you back?

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Have you thought about adding your name to my newsletter but concerned it might just be another spam email in your inbox to contend with? It has never been my intention to send spam emails or to send words that do not inspire or fulfill you.

I thought, just perhaps, if you were interested I would show you what I do send. And I only send emails when I feel like I have something to say. This is what I sent last week to my newsletter subscribers, who I refer to as my secret society of supporters.


In a world where we are forever moving as fast as we possibly can to get to the next task, to make sure we are there for the next event, to make sure we anticipate the next breakdown it can be difficult to live.

To truly live, in the moment. Eyes wide open.

To fully realize that we are living a dream that was once exactly that, a dream…a vision of what life could be like. A ‘wouldn’t it be nice?’.

It is too easy to strike the task ‘complete’ and move onto to the next without realizing that we should breathe and take it all in. You accomplished something that a moment ago was something that you didn’t know would actually come true.

Whether that be:
washing the dishes.
getting yourself dressed in the morning.
cuddling your little babe in dark of the night.
starting your business.
getting that first sale.
owning your dream home.
starting your retirement fund.
going on that long desired trip.
moving across the world.

It can be so easy to just move onto what’s next instead of letting yourself live in your dream, and soak up every moment of it.

There have been moments of this for me, while living here in London. There are times when I want to start planning and dreaming of our next season abroad and even moments when I dream of my big tub back home.

But I have to remind myself, live the dream now. Soak this up, enjoy the moment, etch it into your memory. Because, this too shall pass.

I want to encourage you to also breathe deep, soak in your surroundings, and enjoy the moment. No matter what it is, you have accomplished something today!


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Live your desired life thumbnailDownload the Live Your Desired Life workbook and learn the 4 easy steps on how I started to live the life I always dreamed of that you can start implementing immediately.

On our way to Porto-02
Our time in London has sadly come to an end, but our time in Europe as not. We are on our way to a new adventure to spend another month in the sunny riverside city of Porto, Portugal.

We have never been to Porto let alone Portugal so we are very much looking forward to exploring a new city as well as some of the country on weekends. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!

Live your desired life thumbnailDownload the Live Your Desired Life workbook and learn the 4 easy steps on how I started to live the life I always dreamed of that you can start implementing immediately.

A London WeekendALondon Weekend-03London Weekend-03
Friday we venture towards Bank and I take him to Leadenhall Market, a place that was used as Diagon Alley for the Harry Potter films. He is an avid fan of the novels and production and when we arrive he takes in the architecture and the stalls, all with Isla by his side. It is the sweetest thing to watch. Him and her cuddled closely together against the London wind as we experience new sights together.

The weekend is spent in total relaxation with us all in loungewear and it passes by quickly. Mister and Isla take walks in the crisp autumn air while I stay home in the warmth of our flat. There are soaks in the bath and time spent reading novels and magazines. I finally feel recharged and replenished after almost a month of travel and giving of myself to my family.

On Monday we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with friends from Vancouver over a simple dinner but always lively conversation. When the evening is over and we’ve said goodbye to our guests we fall to sleep quickly yet thankful for all we have.

By Tuesday we are ready to explore London some more and make our way towards the Natural History Museum in Kensington and he is completely in his element, and soon I am as well, as it brings us back to our primary school days of learning all about the earth and the animals that once ruled it. As we pass by exhibits soon I am completely taken with the architecture of the building and a gasp escapes me. It is so grand and beautiful I can hardly contain my excitement. One of the reasons I adore and love Europe is for all it’s architecture and design it has developed over the centuries, and having citizens who want to preserve it.

There is a moment on Thursday when she goes down for her afternoon nap and he looks at me and says ‘go out on your own, I’ll watch her’. I almost don’t know what to do with myself but am elated at the freedom. I wander in and out of stores hitting all my favourites: Jo Malone, The White Company, Paperchase, LK Bennett all the while completely at ease with myself. I stop in at Fortnum & Mason and pick up a tin of Countess Grey. I wish to have time to sit and enjoy an afternoon tea but instead to return home happy with my purchase.

A weekend in LondonLondon Weekend-06London Weekend-07London Weekend-08

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Being here in London I feel so inspired by everything that I pass by and take in; the endless fashion choices, how people decorate their homes, the different boroughs, the greenery, and of course the social class. London is unlike any city I have experienced before and it has a pulse that energizes me.

I recently wrote about knowing what you desire, but I also know that we stop ourselves from actually getting what we desire due to our past or the loop constantly playing in our head saying we are not one of the lucky ones. I know how limiting these beliefs can be, because I have stopped myself from realizing my desires or even dreaming for that matter!

I almost stopped myself from dreaming just the other day!

I was enjoying an afternoon in London when I had a strike of inspiration and it stayed with me all day. I wanted to act on it immediately, which meant going home to write it out, but my role as wife and mother came first and before I knew it days had passed before I remembered my inspiration. By then I had almost talked myself out of writing about it, saying it was never going to happen anyway so what was the point.

Here I am in London living out a dream of mine and I was telling myself that something was never going to happen, because I was not one of the lucky ones!

Do you see how quickly and easily we can stop ourselves from our desires by one simple thought?

So in answer to my negative thought, I did the opposite. I dreamed away and I gave way to my desire. All I wanted to do was write it out and create a Pinterest board so that I could have a place for my vision to come to life.

Follow Lesley’s board COUNTRY RETREAT on Pinterest.

The inspiration that hit me was having a retreat in the country filled with soft tartan throws and cashmere blankets, where food was beautifully prepared and tastes lingered on the tongue, that there would be a body of water to swim in, a hammock would beckon your body for rest, and candles would flicker every night in a warm glow.

A desire so simple yet I almost stopped myself from believing I was lucky enough to dream it.

Are you stopping yourself from dreaming?

Know that you are worthy enough to dream as large as you want to. The belief that you are not one of the lucky ones is a lie and should no longer be repeated to yourself.

Once you allow yourself to dream, you open yourself to actually receiving the desires of your heart as well as dreams even bigger than you ever imagined.

Live your desired life thumbnailDownload the Live Your Desired Life workbook and learn the 4 easy steps on how I started to live the life I always dreamed of that you can start implementing immediately.

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We settle very quickly into our rhythm of London. It isn’t the typical rhythm as there is no commute to contend with or the rush to and fro, but we love it nonetheless. We are experiencing London just the way we want to. We all slow down to a beautiful pace that we thrive in. Mornings are spent with all of us in our bed, after Isla has woken in her cot, and we slip her under the covers and let her play and roam around us while him and I slowly wake up. She takes her morning milk here and we stare at her looking at all her tiny features, always exclaiming how happy we are that she is ours.

We fall into our routine of taking a morning walk to our favourite café within Camden, where they quickly learn our order and always have it produced within minutes of our arrival. After our coffee, sometimes we head back home but most times we head out to explore another area of London. We typically head towards Marylebone as it’s a quick bus ride from Camden and an area of the city we love. There we wander in and out of stores stopping at my favourite The Little White Company and The White Company looking at all the wares that I feel embody who I am so easily…feminine, simple, and refined. We spend hours together like this before he leaves us to go back to our flat to work and I spend the afternoon with her as we wander up and down the streets of London.

Everything is just as I imagined it would be, but even better.