Gift giving

The candles are lit and the lights in the city are becoming brighter as the sun dips below the horizon. I love this season of the year! Where it’s filled with gatherings of family and friends, nights spent under the covers and a good book in my hands, the hot coco and tea seems to never end, and on some nights I mix my earl grey tea with some rum and top it off with eggnog.

Today was spent listening to christmas music, pulling out wrapping paper and all the trimmings, and just relishing in the time spent folding and wrapping presents. Last year I didn’t get to wrap any presents, so I’m enjoying another year putting my love of giving gifts to use.

Image via 79ideas.

As mentioned before I adore giving gifts. The searching, scouring, deciding between this one or that one until I find the perfect item and then being giddy with happiness with my parcel tucked under my arm. I’m like a little kid waiting for cake when I’m waiting for the person to open their gift! While they admire the packaging a smile goes wide across my face and then as they tear the paper off I hold my breath waiting until they see the gift inside. Once they see it, it takes everything I have not to clap saying “Isn’t it the best thing, ever?!”

The 5 Love Languages say that one love language is the receiving of gifts, but I think my way of showing love isn’t the same as receiving. I LOVE gift giving and I love how Christmas allows me to indulge in this showing of love as much as possible! Now I’m off to anticipate Christmas day and all it’s tearing of paper and exclaiming over gifts showered with love!