Who is your influence

There once was a time where I thought I’d be a board hugging, beach wave, surfer kind of girl with board shorts and a puka shell necklace around my neck while attending University in Hawaii. If you met me now you’d never know. Now I’m all silks and pearls and high heels on cobblestone streets. But it goes to show you, that who you surround yourself with greatly influences your life.

When I dreamed of being a surfer girl in Hawaii I had surfing posters all over my bedroom wall, watched The Endless Summer non stop, and gravitated towards people who surfed themselves or at least dreamed of surfing like me. Also during that time I ended up surrounding myself with people who lacked self-confidence, who constantly were negative towards themselves and life, and complained about everything possible. And guess who went right along with it thinking it was the most natural thing – me.

I spent so many of my years wasting it away complaining about this or that and feeling just awful about myself due to the people I associated myself with. I never felt good enough to accomplish much of anything, until I finally met someone who spoke the opposite.

This person believed they could accomplish anything they put their mind to, believed they were beautiful and also believed I was too. It turned my world upside down, someone who not only believed in me but told me to go after it! I instantly saw the difference this person brought into my life. I was happier and saw the beauty that was in the world instead of all that was wrong with it.

It is said you are the average of the 5 most influential people in your life so from that day forward I’ve made it my mission to only surround myself with people who have characteristics that I want in my own life. Whether that is a positive attitude, drive and a take action spirit, or how they find that special something in every single person they meet. I want to be the best average, ever!

Who do you surround yourself with, do you like the average you’ve become?