Pursue your desires with passion

What if, you pursued your inner most fantasies with unabashed passion? Doesn’t just the thought of it raise the hair on the back of your neck or a fluttering tightness in your stomach because your heart is screaming, why not?! Why not pursue your inner most desires, the desires that are attached to your heart strings, and pursue them with every ounce of devotion you can muster.

Society has this formula for life: childhood filled with imagination, education where they strip you of your imagination and fill it with only academics, graduate from said education, go to more education, and more and more, get a job, settle, find a relationship that stirs you, get married, have children, retire, have grandchildren, and then pass on.

But imagine, if you did something different. You decided you didn’t want the status quo and you decided to fill your life with more than settling and a relationship that stirs you. You want a life filled with beautiful moments and adventures that make you weep. A relationship that did more than stirred you, it consumed you. A job that was more than good enough, it fed your soul.


your inner most desires.


with passion.

What would your life look like and why aren’t your pursing it?