Inspiring week in Porto

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We find ourselves in an organic cafe for an early dinner and there the owners offer to take Isla from our hands to allow us to enjoy our meal. We happily accept and we savour each bite while they give her a tour of the space. Again, at another establishment with a beautiful garden terrace, that we enjoy during an afternoon of unexpected sunshine, Isla delights the owners and they too soon ask to take her and parade her around while we enjoy our meals. It is one of the most delicious meals we have had in weeks and promise to come back.

I walk around the city centre in the rain pushing her in the pram to help her to fall asleep. Within minutes she is fast asleep and I make my way slowly in and out of stores. There is a mixture of luxury stores next to what would be considered dollar stores, and I enjoy the eclectic mix. Surprisingly, or not, we are most welcomed into the stores that sell the most luxury of items and almost shooed away from the economical ones. And I find a comfort in that…that as I walk around with a soaking wet buggy I can peruse the likes of Prada, Jimmy Choo, and Ralph Lauren in ease without feeling the need to rush off with my babe in tow.

He works, endlessly and diligently to wrap up the final stages of his project – typically working from the moment he wakes till the wee hours of the morning with breaks in between to spend time with us. I wake with her and cuddle in the darkness so not to disturb him. The two of us spend time alone in silence with the exception of the love we express to one another – her with her little giggles and exclamations of glee and me with my endless hugs and kisses while whispering I love you. In these moments, when the world is just beginning its day, her and I spend time alone and it is one of the most precious of moments.

At the end of the week I draw myself a hot steaming bath, one that burns to the touch, and sink in. My body fully relaxes and my I allow my mind to wander. For two hours I drift in the waters and end up writing pages and pages of thoughts that have been turning in my mind for ages. When I finally leave my place of rest I feel completely restored and inspired by everything I have released onto my journal and the insights it brought me.

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