Porto Portugal

Porto Portugal
We settle into our new home as quickly as possible, and soon realize we left the comforts of England behind us and are faced with the much familiar feelings of living in a place where we know no one nor the city we live in. Google translate quickly becomes our go-to website and we wander up and down streets looking for grocers and pharmacies thinking it would be easy to spot. How quickly we feel like we are transported back to Holland and our time in Den Bosch.

This city, however, is beautiful. Endless cobblestone streets beautifully laid out with thought and care. Everywhere I turn my artistic eye is inspired and I find myself reaching for the camera more than I have in months. The food is gorgeous and delicious and the locals unbelievably friendly.

By the second day our belongings are put into their respective closets, the suitcases stored away for the next 30 days, and again the piano music is playing while a kettle boils hot water for tea. The weather is gorgeous and we set out to explore as much as possible walking along unfamiliar streets but somehow always knowing which direction is home.

That evening the weather changes and we are greeted with thunderstorms and thundershowers that shake the home and beat against the windows so violently. We snuggle in close pulling on layers to keep us warm and pouring copious amounts of tea. I find myself at ease cooking up a storm for my small family in the modern kitchen.

It is slower, much slower than London, but so perfect for our season away.