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There is a black picture frame that sits on my friend’s counter that holds a black and white typography image. This picture frame holds the motto for the way they do life and I have since adopted it as mine.


It holds way more meaning to me than the typical motto you see around Etsy and Instagram of “Do what you love”. Because let’s be honest, there are some cases where you cannot do what you love.

I love being curled under a blanket and reading copious amounts of books.
I love meeting friends for coffee.
I love travelling and camping and taking skiing holidays in the mountains.
I love spending endless amounts of time with Mister and Isla.

But sometimes, doing what you love will not make you a living.

However, you can always live what you love.

No matter what your vocation is, you can always live what you love. When you check out of work you can live what you love. When you close your laptop for the day, night, week, you can go out and live what you love.

For me, that means I can spend countless hours under a blanket reading, or meeting friends for coffee, travelling, camping, going for ski holidays. It means I spend as much time as possible with Mister and Isla.

If you feel like you cannot “Do what you love” as in switching your career just yet, that is okay. There is nothing stopping you from living what you love instead.

Go and design the lifestyle you love.

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  • JennyNovember 19, 2014 - 8:47 AM

    Thank you for this post. It reminded me so much of this quote “create a life that you love to much that you don’t need a vacation from it” 🙂ReplyCancel