The house of my dreams

In the spring of 2013 I was dealing with reverse culture shock and burnout, and even though I was attending a prestigious university I felt like I still did not know what to do with my life. I felt like I did not have any sort of direction except for the ability to dream of the life I did want. I saw everything before me, I had written it out many times before and created a vision board for it.

On a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do Mister and I decided to attend an open house that was taking place across the street from our condo. We walked in and liked what we saw but we were not thrilled with the place. We were not considering purchasing a new home and it was all just fun and games, until the realtor took us to a different suite within the same complex. We walked in and it took our breath away. The view, the space, the monochromatic kitchen, the free standing tub, did I mention the view? It instantly felt like home to me.

We instantly knew we wanted to live there and drew up an offer the following weekend.

However, they rejected it and I was heartbroken.

Every day I would walk past the building looking up to the 32nd floor counting the balconies until I found the right suite and would envision myself living there. I pictured placing black and white photographs of our travels on the walls, I dreamed of the meals we would create in the kitchen, I saw myself curled up with a book and candles lit and piano music playing and the view before me, I even went as far to envision having a beautiful home birth in the free standing tub!

I couldn’t get over how much that space felt like home and how much I wanted to live there, even though they rejected our offer and there was no communication between us.

We decided to reach out to them one last time, just to see if they would be interested in negotiating with us. We drew up another offer and negotiations began to fly back and forth over a few stressful days.

Suddenly, to my amazement, we were signing the sales agreement for us to purchase the house of my dreams with the million dollar view overlooking the city!

As I stand in my kitchen, two years later, I am still in awe how smoothly everything came together. How the black and white photographs now hang on my wall, the countless meals we’ve created and enjoyed, how piano music is always playing, how Wednesday has turned into baking day, that I enjoy luxurious baths in my deep white free standing tub, and how the beautiful home birth I envisioned has now turned into two beautiful home births.

I truly believe that writing down the desires of your heart and creating vision boards work. It does not come together exactly how you envision it, or how you think it should, but it does. And it is beautiful.

Image by Melia at Lucida Photography